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Program Rounds 
Open Source Software

Run By Gitcoin

Gitcoin is focusing further on supporting Open Source Software, supporting both early stage and more mature builders across the Ethereum ecosystem. All four Program Rounds are run by Gitcoin's Grants Ops team.

Web3 Infrastructure

This round aims to strengthen the Ethereum ecosystem's foundational infrastructure by supporting projects crucial for its development, scalability, and security.

Developer Tooling

This round focuses on improving developer efficiency in the open-source software (OSS) and Web3 ecosystems by funding projects that provide essential tooling and libraries.

dApps & Apps

To hasten the growth and widespread use of dApps & Apps, this initiative supports those offering innovative utilities or services within the ecosystem.

Hackathon Alumni

To foster the growth and impact of open-source software (OSS) within the tech ecosystem, there's a growing need to support projects that have shown promising beginnings at recent hackathons.

Thank you to our program funders

Community Rounds

Run By web3 frens

Community Rounds are those where the round's decision-making, coordination and implementation are the responsibility of groups external to Gitcoin.

The rounds with the badge "matched by Gitcoin" have received an additional match of $25k in funding, a decision that's governed through Gitcoin external Community Council. All community rounds are still required to meet certain criteria.


Gitcoin Grants

Gitcoin Grants is a quarterly initiative empowering early-stage builders through a combination of crowdfunding and grants

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These rounds are run on Grants Stack independently of our seasonal grants program

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Note: These rounds run on Grants Stack independently of Gitcoin and our seasonal grants program.

Fantom is running their Vault Rounds on Grants Stack!

The Vault collects 10% of all transaction fees paid to the network, which help fund the matching pool for their grants rounds. View their live counter to see how much has been raised.

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